15 steps to purchase an IT system

In my book “15 steps to purchase an IT System” I try to present the process of buying and implementing IT software in a practical way. This publication takes you step by step through all phases of the project – from defining needs, through workshops with experts, evaluation of bids, to piloting and full implementation.

Hopefully, it will help you avoid common mistakes, and a well-implemented system will maximize the potential of your business.

I am confident that this publication will provide those responsible for digitization (maybe you are one) in their organizations with valuable insights that will help them look at purchasing processes from a new perspective.

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“The book is written in the style of business-casual, concrete, orderly, a little informative, but not intrusive…”

“Why do I recommend this book? Because, we often don’t realize what the implementation of such systems entails, e.g., creating an interdisciplinary team, defining communication based on sincerity, adjusting the environment, financial outlay and, of course, defining the problems the system is supposed to solve.”

“Great book! Discusses the issues related to the process of purchasing an IT system in a clear and concrete way. For those interested in developing their company and implementing positive changes in it, an interesting position.”

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