Hi! For more than a decade, I’ve been working with manufacturing plant managers, supporting them in the digital transformation of their machine fleets. Together we create IT solutions that help produce more efficiently, safely and cost-effectively. On this site, I share knowledge about thoughtful digitization. The key aspects of my business are digitization, advanced IT and industrial digitization. If you want to talk about the challenges of your manufacturing plant or invite me to collaborate with you, feel free to contact me.

I help elevate industry to 4.0

About me

I am the CEO and founder of explitia, and my mission is to educate and spread knowledge in the field of digitization and digitalization of the industry.

On a daily basis, I help manufacturing companies reduce costs, optimize processes and improve product quality. I provide strategic advice, supporting companies in adapting to rapidly changing market and technological conditions.

I am eager to share my knowledge and experience, so…

  • I have set up a channel on the YouTube platform, to which you are cordially invited.
  • I actively publish on my blog.
  • You can talk to me on my LinkedIn profile.
  • I publish articles in the media and trade press.
  • Meet many industry and technology conferences and events.

How can we help you?

Digital transformation
Industry 4.0
Managing technological change
Increasing the operational efficiency of machine parks
Strategic consulting
Building digitization roadmaps
Taking care of and overcoming problematic challenges of IT projects


16 07.2024

Forbes Technology Council Member

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14 06.2024

Production reporting – how to digitize baked goods

20 05.2024

B2B sales team – one hero or a close-knit team

Design Thinking Zarządzanie Zespołem, Zarządzanie zmianą, rozwój projektów
13 05.2024

Effectiveness and Empathy – Design Thinking and Insights Discovery

Identyfikowalność produktu
16 04.2024

Product traceability in the food industry

Menedżer vs specjalista
03 04.2024

Manager vs. Specialist. Is there only one career path?

Świat VUCA
27 03.2024

The world of VUCA and BANI – Responding to the challenges of 21st century leaders


I’m interested in digitizing manufacturing plants and managing technological change, and education is my great passion. That’s why you can find me when:

  • I conduct workshops and help manufacturing plants discover the key space for optimization that brings real benefits and guarantees a smooth ROI
  • I actively publish content on business and technical magazines
  • I give talks and participate in panel discussions at industry conferences

Is there anything I can help you with? Would you like to talk to me?

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