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I am open to cooperation with other industry professionals, but also with people who want to learn something interesting about industry development. Sharing knowledge and experiences is key for me, as it leads to innovation and raising standards in the industry. I am eager to participate in podcasts, interviews and industry meetings to build stronger ties and achieve ambitious goals together.

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Production applies to any

The manufacturing industry has a huge impact on Poland’s economic development. Its role in creating jobs, generating GDP and contributing to technological innovation and sustainable development makes it an area of strategic importance for the country.

Currently in Poland, about 5 million people are employed in industry, which is a significant portion of all working people. In addition, to this number one would have to add those who work in service companies that cooperate with manufacturing plants.
This is why the topic of automation and new technologies in the industrial sector is so important. This is because it contributes to increasing efficiency, reducing costs and improving product quality. And this directly affects every consumer.

Why is it worth talking to me?

I am passionate about digitization, automation and Industry 4.0 solutions. I have been involved in this growing area for many years, which has allowed me to gain a wealth of experience and a unique perspective on changing technologies.
Industry 4.0, with its advanced IT systems and strategic consulting, increasing the operability of machine parks has become my passion and professional challenge. I am eager to share my knowledge, experience and proven approaches.

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Where do I share my knowledge?

– Articles and expert commentary

– Public speaking

– Podcasts

– Talks and joint projects

What can we do together? 

Do you run your own YouTube channel or have your own podcast? 
Do you speak with experts in various fields? 
Or maybe you just want to partner with me?  

Let us know, together we will definitely create something valuable! 

I would also be happy to meet with you on my Digitalizuj.pl channel

Examples of topics I’m happy to talk about 

–      Structure and condition of Polish industry.
–      Challenges of Polish manufacturing.
–      Digital transformation of manufacturing plants.
–      Environmental protection in the context of industry.
–      ESG challenges in manufacturing companies.
–      Reducing production costs while caring for the environment.
–      Financial efficiency in business.
–      Impact of new technologies on employment.
–      Managing change in industry.
–      Importance of industry to society and consumers.

I know how to talk

As CEO of explitia, I not only manage the company, but also actively participate in the life of the technology industry through numerous speeches. I have stage experience, and lecturing gives me great joy and satisfaction.
In addition to my studies, I have also completed many courses and trainings in sales, as well as public speaking and negotiation. I combine my management skills with deep technical knowledge.

If you’d like to talk about the industry I work in, or maybe you’d like to invite me to collaborate or speak publicly – contact me.

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