Adrian Stelmach cyfryzacja zakładów produkcyjnych CEO explitia digitalizacja transformacja cyfrowa
About me

I help manufacturing companies undergo effective digital transformation by offering consulting, business process optimization, data integration and customization of IT solutions to meet specific plant needs, among other services. My mission is to increase the efficiency, safety and quality of production through the use of advanced IT systems.

My way

Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by mathematics and computer science. My belief in the possibilities of IT systems allowed me to pursue an education at the Faculty of Automation, Electronics and Computer Science at the Silesian University of Technology.  Then I realized how important the industrial sector is in Poland, so I wanted to professionally combine programming with manufacturing and develop the industry. Combining both fields gives me the greatest satisfaction.

explitia syndrome


Following my studies, I started working as a programmer in an industrial company after graduation, gaining knowledge of production data flow and automation . Working in the profession, it turned out that in addition to technical knowledge and competence, I also had a business aptitude. I was promoted to manager and then to director of the IT department, focusing on projects in line with the idea of Industry 4.0. Today, as CEO of explitia, I lead the digital transformation of manufacturing plants, improving the quality and safety of processes and reducing production costs. In addition, I manage a team of fifty people, which drives me extremely hard.

Realizing the potential

I believe in the power of automating data flow, for example, in reporting or traceability. This, among other things, shifts responsibility for repetitive activities to IT systems and allows employees to focus on higher-value tasks, which in turn increases work efficiency, increases comfort and satisfaction, and reduces turnover.


My goal is to educate on new technologies and industrial development. I support factories in adapting to modern solutions, helping them to operate more efficiently and environmentally. I impart knowledge on how to increase productivity, better utilize the potential of employees through technology, reduce manufacturing costs and create products with respect for the environment.

Mission accomplishment

I pursue my mission through participation in industry events, expert publications and interviews. I am the author of the book “15 steps to purchase an IT system” and a mentor at the Youth Business Poland Foundation. I blog at and am active on LinkedIn.

Go ahead, contact me

If you’d like to talk about digitizing production at your facility, new technologies and the opportunities behind them, or maybe you’d like to invite me to collaborate or speak publicly – get in touch.

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